Here at Ernest Smith Productions we specialize in film making, web video marketing, training films, promotional videos,  commercial and corporate video production. We use the best cameras for the job, quality wireless microphones, and with portable lighting we can do any project. We also provide web video marketing, TV advertising, video editing, corporate and event Videography. Using Premiere Pro based editing workstations , After effects and other programs, anything you can imagine can be brought to life in post production.

Ernest Lee Smith hails from the beautiful city of Norfolk VA. He is a single father of two boys and is also an entrepreneur. Mr. Smith is a man of many talents and is very passionate about his work and helping others to achieve their dreams. As the owner of Ernest Smith Productions, he prides himself as a photographer, videographer, producer, director and a plethora of other titles. Under his production, Ernest has written and produced movies, television shows, and documentaries. If you would like to know something personal about Ernest, he also dabbles in poetry and music. As a matter of fact, at one point in his younger years, Mr. Smith managed and was a part of a local music group. He has had the esteemed pleasure of working with celebrity figures such as Dan The Beast Severn, Jermon Bushrod, Cocoa Brown, Mike London, Joe Torry Juanita Wynn, Joselyn Best and even nameless individuals with Epic Records. Now on the horizon, Ernest has a new television show, “On The Come Up”, which is a platform that gives recognition to artist on their way to stardom. He provides them the opportunity to showcase their music on a grander scale. He also has a show called ESP Sports which covers all sorts of athletes. Ernest is also an author check out his book “Love and Inspiration” to learn more about that hidden aspect of himself.