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 Town Of The Ghost is about a witch that was hung by the local town's people. A couple moves into town and is haunted by a witch's spirit, who gets revenge on those who had something to do with her death. Faced with his wife going crazy, Joe tries to find out what happen to the witch before it's too late. 

Town of the Ghost was Ernest's second film. His first film, ChurchFolk was written by his sister Angel Williams. ChurchFolk was based off a play that Angel wrote. Ernest loved the play so much that he asked her could they make a movie out of it. Because Ernest lived in Virginia, time was limited to shoot the film since Angel lived in Georgia. The film was shot night and day, filming about twelve hours a day. This was where he learned a lot about film making, by trial and error. Right from the start
Escapeless is like no other~ Starring Poetikk Justice (Valerie M.Esclairs) who is a schizophrenic hoarder with extreme mental health diagnoses. Valerie is a victim of Trauma which brought forth a longevity pattern of sexual abuse as her abuser foster dad contributed to her discord. This POET/ Visual Artist taps into an unknown world which is familar to her Alter Ego "Mahogany". Starring Kristin Peeples, (Torrance Esclairs) who is a successful CPA now tasked with being the primary caretaker of Valerie after her traumatic nervous breakdown. Unbeknownst to these sisters much of their worlds are similar and will tie their past together as later they will be introduced to a secret that will be the breaking point of this family .Starring Joel Roman as (Dr.Romane) who is the beholder of information and the lifeline to Valerie's world of ESCAPELESS
 "incapable of being escaped"
 Written/Produced by Poetikk Justice the Playwright
 Directed by Ernest Smith
 Music Score/Musical Producer Dominick Robinson Aka'Domidella
Ernest Smith Productions
Send or else is a story about three different people each receiving a threatening chain message. After carefully reading their messages each person decides if they will forward or not. To send or not to send is the question we will see the answer.

Ernest Lee Smith hails from the beautiful city of Norfolk VA. He is a single father of two boys and is also an entrepreneur. Mr. Smith is a man of many talents and is very passionate about his work and helping others to achieve their dreams. As the owner of Ernest Smith Productions, he prides himself as a photographer, videographer, producer, director and a plethora of other titles. Under his production, Ernest has written and produced movies, television shows, and documentaries. If you would like to know something personal about Ernest, he also dabbles in poetry and music. As a matter of fact, at one point in his younger years, Mr. Smith managed and was a part of a loca music group. He has had the esteemed pleasure of working with celebrity figures such as Jermon Bushrod, Cocoa Brown, Mike London, Joe Torry Juanita Wynn, Joselyn Best and even nameless individuals with Epic Records. Now on the horizon, Ernest has a new television show, “On The Come Up”, which is a platform that gives recognition to artist on their way to stardom. He provides them the opportunity to showcase their music on a grander scale. He also has a show called ESP Sports which covers all sorts of athletes. Ernest is also an author check out his book “Love and Inspiration” to learn more about that hidden aspect of himself.
Official music video of "Love Again featuring La'Sean Knight" Directed by Ernest Smith. Mioshe a client of Ernest's was referred to him by Tanya Liverman, another client of his, because of his artistic feel for videos. Ernest did Tanya's book cover and filmed some of her video for  her book DVD 
Official music video of As I Am by Mioshe Trayel was directed by Ernest. The first time he heard the song he knew he wanted to film the music video. The song was very special to Mioshe so he wanted to make sure she was getting something that displayed the spirit of the song.  
Calvin Austin, Grandma's song directed by film maker Ernest Smith. Calvin was a guess on the show, On the Come Up. Calvin is a gospel artist who writes and produces his own music. When Ernest heard Calvin's song he knew that was the song Calvin should have made into a music video. Ernest thought the song would touch many people as it touched him and reminded him of his grandmother.
In the sketch comedy The FunnyVille Show, Lying Laquisha talks to anchor man Pitty Wows about Big Qaun and little Qaun fight. Laquisha almost never tells the truth. Aware of her lies the achor tries to cut her off but Laquisha is persistent with her story. 

Rap artist Big Ligiee music video was directed by Ernest Smith, Russ Fulmore. Edited by Ernest Smith and
 DP by Darnell E. Evans. The video was shot after a tapping of On The Come Up TV show, shot at Risk Contour fashion shop.


Sports Entertainment covering all sorts from basketball, gymnastics , boxing and MMA
On The Come Up is a show for Up and coming artist of all sorts from musicians, comedians and models. We take you behind the scenes of these entertainers and let you hear what they have to say. Check out their latest shows and music videos right here on our TV show " On The Come Up".
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